Trimming Trees and Making Plans

As I mentioned in our first post about our outdoor design plans, right now our main focus is curb appeal. Last weekend I spent a couple hours pulling weeds by the front of our house and around the deck. I was going to keep going, but that quickly came to a halt as a big spider fell on my head. Kyle now has been given the honor of pulling weeds underneath our deck. Lucky him!

This weekend, my parents came over and helped trim trees. Three trailer loads later and two trees were done! This is a before and after of the front of our house.





Much better! Notice also how those fans are no longer in the windows? Our air conditioner is not yet fixed, but the weather this weekend was much cooler so it has felt amazing in the house.

After this weekend, we are now trying to determine our lawn situation. Our lawn is full of weeds including Creeping Charlie, a ground ivy that is covering about 70% of our yard. At this point we have two options: use a weed killer that kills weeds only and then seed OR kill the whole lawn and seed. Right now we’re leading towards killing the whole lawn, but we have until mid August to make a decision (when Creeping Charlie is supposed to bloom again and is the best time to spray).

Until then, we are going to start doing more indoor design changes. Our plans for this coming week are to either update our kitchen table and chairs or have our paint color options completed. I guess you will have to wait and see which one gets completed. Maybe both?

What project did you start or complete this weekend? Comment below and post a picture over at our Facebook page.


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